KALANK- Review

KALANK- by Abhishek Varman

· Madhuri Dixit Nene
· Sanjay Dutt
· Alia Bhatt
· Varun Dhawan
· Sonakshi Sinha
· Aditya Roy Kapoor

This was a much anticipated movie of 2019 with a pool of cast for every
taste-bud. The casting itself takes away your heart and you crave to watch
it on the big screen.

Date Of Release: April 17th, 2019

This movie released with a background of great PRs and Promotions and I
went to watch the movie with a sceptic heart. A fully loaded star cast
always scares me as they almost never deliver to the expectations of the
audience. It was “Hum Aapke Hai Kaun”, “Hum Sath Sath Hai” and “Kabhi
Khushi Kabhi Gham” which proved to be an exception to this trend of failing
big on the star power. However I gathered courage to go ahead and watch the


The Movie as expected delivered high on acting skills, not by one, but by
all in there. But the story wasn’t binding at all. It had everything that
was essential for a blockbuster, great star cast, amazing acting and high
voltage music and songs. But unless and until the story is good, every
other thing is of no use and that is exactly what happened to Kalank. There
was a lot of anticipation with the roles of the characters and yes it was

Madhuri Dixit aka ‘Bahaar Begum’ and Sanjay Dutt aka ‘Balraj Chaudhry’ were
in love ages back and had Varun Dhawan aka ‘Zafar’ as their kid, whom
Madhuri left so that she was accepted by Sanjay Dutt. His legitimate son
Aditya Roy Kapoor aka ‘Dev’ was married to Sonakshi aka ‘Satya’ who
suffered from Cancer and therefore went to Alia Bhatt aka ‘Roop’ so that
Dev has a company after her demise. Roop married Dev under family pressure
so that her sisters had a better life. On the day of marriage Dev cleared
that it was just for his wife’s happiness that he has married Roop and that
she should not expect anything from him or the marriage that they were in.
Roop met Zafar when she went to the bad named area of ‘Hira Mandi’ to learn
music from Bahaar Begum. While she fell in love with Zafar, he was
interested in getting Balraj’s name to the ground by taking away his
daughter in law. However gradually he falls for the beautiful Alia and then
the whole story takes twists and turns which finally ends with Zafar’s

There are some catchy dialogues like
“najaayaz mohabbat ka anjaam aksar tabaahi hota hai”,
“kuch rishte karzon ki tarah hote hai, unhe nibhaana nahi, chukaana padta
“jab kisi aur ki barbaadi apni jeet jaisi lage toh humse zada barbaadkoi
nahi hai is duniya mein”

The music and songs are something that attracts you towards the theatre:

– Rajvaadi Odhni (USP was Alia’s Looks)
– First Class (very catchy)
– Ghar More Pardesiya (melodious)
– Kalank – Title Track (heart-touching)
– Aira Gaira (Kriti Sanon)
– Tabah Hogaye (USP was Madhuri Dixit’s dance)

But however, nothing could save the drowning ship named “KALANK”.

P.S.: Alia Bhatt looks stunning and the costumes were gorgeous as well!

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